Silva Pant

Hofmann Copenhagen


​Made in an extraordinarily exquisite fabric, these high waisted crepe pants feature a loose fit that tapers towards the ankle. The Silva Pant styles equally well with both flats and heels. Wear these pants with a blazer or lace top. 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex.100% Wool. 
​Having previously worked for Chloé, designer Heidi Hofmann created Hofmann Copenhagen with the understanding of the value of timeless style while still being fresh and chic. Hofmann’s extensive experience in the fashion industry allows her to pay close attention to detail and high quality. She draws inspiration from effortless ensembles of Parisian women to create approachable designer-level collections, she draws largely on art as inspiration, which is seen in everything from her prints and color pairing to her silhouettes. 

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