Origami Harem Trousers

Bav Tailor


​The breathable Origami Trousers incorporate Japanese origami folding to form a sharp silhouette along the leg line. Constructed with pockets, these trousers are made in perforated weave cotton with inner panels in a blend of true hemp and organic silk. The lining is made of newlife™, an eco-certified fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles. 100% Cotton. 60% True Hemp, 40% Organic Silk Inner Panels. 100% newlife™ Lining.
​Bav Tailor is a collective fusion of sharp tailoring, geometrical forms, and the finest certified natural fabrics that represent true hallmarks of Italian fashion design and Eco-Sustainability. The philosophy behind the designs is to make pieces that honor the body by using premium, recycled materials to create a linear, multi-functional wardrobe that is still receptive to the contours of a woman’s body.

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