Jaquelin Coat



​The Jacquelin Coat comes in double-sided armor weave with a wide upturned collar and cross over fastening with a cord. With single piped pockets, this coat has a timeless appeal that will be in your wardrobe forever. 65% Wool, 30% Polyester, 5% Polyamide/Nylon.  
​French-based brand Sessùn, though rooted in its own time, is subtle enough to lean towards timelessness. Sessùn founder and fashion designer Emma François creates a collection through various forms of inspiration ranging from a color palette, a story, a film, or a record sleeve. Also known as the “little brand of Marseille”, Sessùn uses South American artisanal influence, urban city allure, and the charm of the 60's to create an exquisite and truly unique aesthetic.

S H A R E   T H I S