Citrus Blend Fragrance

Etem Ruhi


​A contemporary twist on the traditional Turkish cologne experience where it is customary to offer a fragrant splash to one's guests, Etem Ruhi Citrus Blend is designed to be shared. The unisex fragrance, a sophisticated arrangement of natural Mediterranean citrus fruits with floral and woody notes, is presented in its unique 300 ml glass splash bottle with a scent-diffusing ceramic lid. 
​Etem Ruhi is a family-run cologne house named after its founder, Etem Ruhi, who had a self-taught nose and an inventive spirit. In the 1910s he presented his creations at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Etem Ruhi’s fragrances traveled from Istanbul to the Anatolian cities until the 1950s until the brand slowly faded with the mass production of fragrances until Ruhi’s descendants revived the company in 2013.

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