Our Story

Enze Apparel was founded in 2015 with the idea of introducing the work of up and coming Mediterranean based luxury designers to Southern California, a way of celebrating and exploring the unique crossovers between the two cultures. Since then, we’ve been attending fashion weeks and combing through ateliers in Istanbul, Berlin, New York, Paris, and beyond. Each piece of our collection is selected to be appropriate for a woman dressing across cultural lines. She'll find something she can wear out to a rooftop happy hour in West Hollywood or on the beach in St. Tropez with equal ease and confidence. It's all about making anywhere she finds herself on the globe accessible, wearing something she will feel beautiful and confident in regardless of her location.

Nuri Topbas, Owner
Topbas has an extensive history in the textile industry and a deep love for fashion that all began when his mother brought him on his first shopping trip to Chanel at age 6. A purveyor of world culture and commerce, Topbas has decades of experience selling to and consulting for top clothing retailers and designers throughout the world which led him to set foot on six of the seven continents. After decades of travel, Topbas landed in Southern California, and now has a daughter of his own, Zehra, who is an inspiration for both the actual name (“N” for Nuri, “Z” for Zehra) and the Enze aesthetic.

Jamie Hultgren, Creative Director
Beginning her career as a stylist and performer in 2007, Hultgren transitioned to partner with Topbas in manufacturing and imports in 2011, and applies skillsets acquired from her past work lives in her current position directing and buying for Enze. Hultgren continues to inform her pursuits in the fashion industry by staying active on the LA performance art scene.

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