Quilt Blouse



​The unique Quilt Blouse is an example of Nésessaire’s mission to create garments that are timeless and meaningful. This original piece features a visible zipper in the back and a flattering A-line shape. Simply pair with dark jeans and black flats. Shell 100% Cupro. Embroidery 100% Cotton. Fiberfill 100% Polyester. Lining 100% Polyester.  
​Produced in Japan and Shantou China, Nésessaire was created from the French word “nécessaire” except with an “S” for the word “secret." This French word means “to store necessary sewing items to restore frayed dresses." Utilizing original lace and fabrics, each piece is hand stitched with the intention to be worn and treasured for a lifetime.

S H A R E   T H I S