Red Forget Me Not Botanist Watch

Analog Watch Co.

$0.00 $130.00

​Designed with cutting-edge and innovative processes, the Botanist Watch is a first of it's kind to feature genuine plant life for your wrist. The Red Forget-Me-Not Botanist Watch features a brushed silver sun ray dial and chronograph second-hand. This watch is unisex and features color stabilized plant-life hand placed and encased in resin body. An innovative spring bar makes the bands easily interchangeable. Case: 40.5mm Band: 20mm.
​Analog Watch Co. designs handcrafted timepieces using wood, marble, leather, and other natural materials. Their stylish unisex wrist watches aim to remind the wearer of nature. The company is driven by experimentation and aspires to transform and reimagine materials.

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