Why the 2019 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection Is Her Best Yet

The 2019 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection at Enze Apparel


We were introduced to Gul Hurgel back in 2015 in Istanbul as she was gaining notoriety throughout Europe and making the leap into the upper echelon of multi-national luxury e-commerce retailers (Net-a-Porter et al.). 

We'd viewed the collections of dozens of Istanbul based designers by that point and it was immediately apparent that Hurgel was marching to the beat of her own drum, a true enigma on the Turkish fashion scene and beyond. Unapologetically feminine and producing unusual silhouettes in vacation worthy cottons and linens, each dress we tried got us nonstop compliments walking down the street. And the most fun part was that the next question was usually, "Where are you from?" Because the cultural origin of her style is so difficult to place, it's as if you've dropped in from some utopian country devised in the mind of Hurgel herself. 

Every season since she's made a marked evolution, transitioning from predominantly stripes and solids into florals, and from shirt dresses into embellished peasant and maxi dresses, always paying attention to improving fit based on the feedback of her top clients.

And for Resort 2019, she's truly nailed it.  

Printed Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress from the 2019 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection at Enze Apparel

Perfectly Embellished Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Wearing a Gul Hurgel piece is always a commitment because there's no way to not be seen, but this season she's landed simultaneously on the most accessible and novel silhouettes fit for the widest variety of body types. Not only that, but her choice of prints and embellishments are rich and on point. Our favorite embellishment in the collection is her incorporation of Turkish Oya, a unique crocheted lace trimming historical to the Aegean region (the Oya on the Hurgel pieces are actually hand made by women in her family!), which is a thoughtful nod to her roots, though she's lived in several different countries and traveled to many more. 

Ruffle Sleeve Dress from the 2019 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection at Enze ApparelRuffle Sleeve Dress with Delicate Red Turkish Oya

When women walk into the Enze store and are drawn to  Gul Hurgel's work, we always encourage them to try on as many styles as possible because you never know your dress until you're wearing it. It could be the most outlandish one, or the most scaled back, but the right piece can manage to bring out elements of yourself you may not have known were there. And that's what dressing intentionally is all about- having fun and being yourself. 

V Neck Maxi Dress from the 2019 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection available at Enze Apparel

Simple & Stunning V Neck Maxi Dress with Flower Embroidery

Please stop into our flagship store on Abbot Kinney and find your piece from the GH 2019 Resort Collection. We'll be glad to show you what we've got!

We'll continue to stay tuned to Gul Hurgel's work in future seasons (be sure to sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you in the loop). No matter what she cooks up next, we can be sure she'll never bow to trend, instead communicating with us through her flourishes to say, "Hey, there's this cool world inside my head. What if life were more like this."

We hear you girl.