The Enze Outsiders Party Feat. SGBG Atelier + Issey Miyake x UN

SGBG Atelier x Enze Collaboration


This January, we brought together out-of-the-box thinkers and emerging voices in the sustainable fashion movement for the Enze Abbot Kinney "Outsiders Party." Guests had the opportunity to meet Surya Giri, the designer behind SGBG Atelier, a handmade, handwoven, hand embroidered collection celebrating Indian artisan heritage, while being rocked with a live performance by electronic artist and fourth wave feminist activist Madame Gandhi. A limited edition Issey Miyake x United Nude architectural shoe collection was also on display, along with several art installations throughout the Enze space created by local and international artists. 

We also unveiled an exclusive SGBG x Enze poplin wrap dress collaboration featuring intricate text embroidery which refers to cross-cultural contact, the exchanges of people, ideas, and practices, and hybridized identities as "interrupters" to the unchallenged voice of industrial dominance, which was effectively the inspiration for the "Outsider Party" title, and key tenets of the SGBG brand that also tie into the mission of Enze Apparel. A portion of the text embroidery on the collaborative piece reads as follows-

"The reversal of cannibalization of mainstream pop by the underground is a clear example of the takeover of the periphery: “It is no longer the center that includes the periphery. The periphery now includes the center. The center, excluded from the party, becomes the periphery of the periphery." Opinion formation never occurs at the center. It’s always at the edges. For the underground, ‘pop’ becomes a semiotic goldmine to be “appropriated and reworked into new synthetic or creolized cultural forms.”

If you weren't able to join us for the party, check out this little video to get a sense of how the party went down! And join us at our Abbot Kinney flagship to view the exclusive SGBG x Enze collab piece while they're still here!