Wearing Beautiful: An Enze Trunk Show Event with Maison du Soir

Monaco Set by Maison du Soir at Enze Apparel


At Enze, we’re all about figuring out where conservative, classy, and sexy collide, and how to perfectly execute this design principle triple-threat in order to dress beyond compare for every occasion, whether it be a night out, a day at the beach, or relaxing at home. 

So when we happened upon the easy yet sensual French style/California made contemporary sleep and loungewear collection Maison du Soir, we knew it was a natural fit in the Enze collection. Designed to bridge the aesthetic divide between daywear and sleepwear, every Maison du Soir garment is crafted with impeccable quality and luxurious fabrics, and is made with personal style and comfort in mind. Maison du Soir designer Courtney Kate Garcia stresses that “sleepwear should mimic your overall style” and that “wearing beautiful will make you feel beautiful.” Um, yes please!

In addition to featuring the line in the Enze collection year-round, we recently had the pleasure of hosting Courtney for an in-store trunk show event at our Abbot Kinney flagship to showcase her latest and greatest Resort collection styles and give clients the opportunity to visit with her in-person. At the end of the afternoon of champagne sipping and socializing, guests also had the opportunity to sit down with Courtney for a formal Q & A session to learn more about what drove her to her to give up her corporate career and start a loungewear line, and how she managed to achieve major boss-woman status within a few short years of founding her own self funded business. 

Maison du Soir designer Courtney Kates Garcia available at Enze Apparel

Maison du Soir designer Courtney Kates Garcia

Here is a little snapshot of what the evening’s conversation entailed, including the awesome concept behind the line as well as a peek into Courtney’s world and general awesomeness as a strong woman and human being: 

Q: “What inspired you to start Maison Du Soir?”

CK: “I bought my first set of quality sleepwear and it changed my whole perspective on what I had been wearing to bed. I was working hard in the corporate world and decided it was important to treat myself better after long work days. I set out to find more sleepwear sets and was shocked at how dated the sleepwear offerings were. I couldn’t find anything that was “modern.” Very few of the brands seemed to be paying attention to what we were wearing during the day. And since when did pink plaid with bows and flannel cat pajamas become the sleepwear standard? At this point, I had worked for 10 years in merchandising and design, so naturally I started thinking of sleepwear options that would be so much better than the ice cream cone prints and boxy tops. I became obsessed with this idea, and Maison Du Soir started to become a reality.”

Q:  "What’s behind the name Maison Du Soir?" 

CK: “Maison Du Soir means "House of Evening." “Maison" was chosen as an ode to the French fashion houses and I loved the word "Soir," the root of "soiree."  To me, “soiree" evokes a feeling of celebration, magic and fantasy.”

Q: “Life as a designer must be busy. How do you balance it all?”

CK: “I try to meditate every day. It’s really helped with the stress and anxiety of having my own business. Everyday looks different because I have my hands in every single thing. Sometimes it’s inspiring and glamorous and sometimes I’m putting band-aids on from cutting myself on shipping boxes. Traveling always fills my cup and inspires me.”

Q: “Me too- travel is my everything. What’s your favorite destination?”

CK: “Spain.  That’s where my husband is from, so whenever we visit the welcome is warm and the experience is so rich. Top destination on my bucket list right now is Australia- for like a month, to see it all!”

Q: “If you could start it all over again, what would you change?”

CK: “I believe that everything happens for a reason- triumphs, pitfalls, mistakes and connections.”

What else is there to say? We simply adore her and her designs as a natural extension. Check out our favorite pieces from Maison du Soir available at Enze now, and we’ll be sure to post as soon as her yummy Spring/Summer 2018 silk mint and teal green colored floral wallpaper print collection drops. 

Ellie Dress by Maison Du Soir at Enze Apparel

Shop the Maison du Soir Ellie Dress, which works to wear at home and seriously everywhere else. We even wear it at work without blushing ;)

Monaco Set by Maison du Soir at Enze Apparel

Equal parts modern and classic, the Maison du Soir Monaco Set is buttery soft and cut as much for comfort as it is to flatter. You can also opt to break up the set, pairing the top with jeans for a relaxed, yet mature day look. 

The next shindig at our Abbot Kinney flagship is a Valentine’s Day shopping + “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” classic film viewing on our outdoor patio (be sure to bring your own wine and lawn chair/blanket, lover-in-tow optional ;)). A few of our newest local Cali designer with V-day worthy gifts will be out for a trunk show as well. Sign up for our newsletter to receive all the details for this February 9th, 2018 evening event and for other upcoming events as well!


 Would love to see you and enjoy some popcorn with you at the movie!