Kauai - The Presence of Divine Breath


Have you heard? We’re opening our Enze flagship location on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, CA this week and while it’s exactly where we love to spend many of our days, getting ready to launch the store with our favorite sought after resortwear lines left us in need of our own resort vacation. The majority of our designers are based out of our favorite travel destinations like Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, and Spain, where the Mediterranean resort scene consistently sets fashion trends for the rest of the globe. And so we thought we’d take our much needed break from the action by heading just a little bit outside of the fashion box for a change, to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.

The least populated of the four main Hawaiian Islands, Kauai has been coined The Garden Isle because it is home to the wettest spot on earth and lush AF, rife with oxygen rich air, plant diversity beyond belief, extravagant mountain ranges, and endlessly walkable beaches with pure teal waters. 

Views along the Napali Coast Trail

And while the island likely has a higher population of barefoot kids on jimmy-rigged bikes than elegant women dressed for cocktail hour, Kauai’s fashion scene is certainly alive and well, born out of the same principles we seek in our Mediterranean based lines. Natural, breathable fabrics like cashmere, cotton, and silk rule, making it easy to transition outfits from day to night, from beach to late night dinner al fresco. 

Post-beach pre-dinner in Gul Hurgel and Tohum Design

Around every bend in Kauai, Mother Nature was nailing her look every time with little to no fuss and a fantastic sense of form and composition, endowed with pure abundance and acting in accordance with laws of adaptation and evolution, achieving a perfection that comes about simply through sheer presence and the passage of time. As we’ve learned getting our new store perfectly beautiful and worthy of the Enze name, the act of letting go and allowing things to unfold in their own time has been a big part of the process. 

One of the most important words in the native Hawaiian language is simply “Aloha,” which of course is an expression for "hello," "goodbye" and "love," but a less known translation is "the presence of divine breath." We wish we had more reminders to just breathe and accept that great works of art like Nature Herself take time, but being blessed with a week to be at one with the Hawaiian Island of Kauai was a great refresher course in the practice of presence, and left us ready to truly enjoy our beautiful new Enze home with friends old and new. 

We'd love to have you out for a visit at the Enze store starting May 1st! Can't wait to share more about our adventures and learn about yours as well! Aloha! 

-Jamie Hultgren, Enze Apparel Creative Director