Designer Feature- Levinia

Levinia available at Enze Apparel on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California


Levinia available at Enze Apparel
Levinia Konyalian dressed in her effortlessly elegant signature style.

When did you know you would become a designer?

"As far back as I can remember I liked to observe how grown up women got dressed and as a child I used to make sketches of clothes, mix and match my own clothes, a habit usually leading to weird results. There are no straight paths to becoming a designer. For me, at the beginning, it was just a playful disposition. Later I realized that I was easily absorbed in this activity and it naturally became my life pursuit."
What are your greatest inspirations?

"Almost anything can be an inspiration for me- smells of all kinds, the faces of people, the play between light and shadow during the long summer days, ancient classic art, urban scenes and countryside landscapes."
Any new fascinations feeding your work lately?

"The last three years I’ve focused on designing resort collections. Living almost permanently in Greece I have been fascinated by the serenity, the simplicity and the harmony of the islands’ landscape."
Do you have any advice for aspiring designers? 

"Fashion design is a very competitive field. It takes hard work and persistence to help you improve. Just like most pursuits in life, passion, motivation and talent can only get you so far. After that it all boils down to persistence, consistency and forming good habits."
What wardrobe staple do you swear by?

"Oh, it is always a jacket. Preferably a statement one."
Where in the world do you most want to go?

"Many times, I find myself thinking of some place I’ve heard of or read about, and I am curious to visit. But in the end, it is traveling that excites me. The destination is not so important."
When did you launch your line? What are some of your greatest lessons learned? 

"It is more than fifteen years now since I launched my first collection. I started with designing couture garments made to measure. Then, I moved to high end pret-a-porter, now I’m focused on resort collections. It's been quite an experience, which taught me to respect the personality of my customer. It is rather the character and the personality I always try to bring out and highlight than to showcase my clothes."
Is sustainability a focus for the line?

"Designing resort garments marks a turn to sustainable production for my brand. My fabrics are made of natural fibers, mainly cotton and delicate gauze, detailed with embroidery stitching, braids and other accessories. All items and fabrics are designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece."

Levinia available at Enze Apparel on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California
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