A Garden Party in a Dress: The Inspiration Behind Gul Hurgel's 2018 Resort Collection

Gul Hurgel Resort 2018 Collection at Enze Apparel


One of our most cherished designers in the Enze collection is Istanbul-based Gul Hurgel. Recently, we were able to sit down with Gul to hear about how her years of dedicated passion, sensitive observation and accumulating impressions led her to the launch her namesake fashion label, as well as the inspiration behind her latest Resort 2018 collection that landed on the Enze racks this week. 

Gul Hurgel Resort 2018 Front Knot Shirt Dress

Front Knot Shirt Dress from the 2018 Gul Hurgel Resort Collection

A veteran globetrotter, Gul spent her early years in the Swiss mountains where she was surrounded by boundless natural beauty, going on to pursue studies in fashion design at Parsons School of Art and Design in Paris and New York. Based on these experiences, along with her frequent journeys to serene coastal towns along the Mediterranean such as Portofino, Positano and Provence, Gul says that “traveling to new destinations and discovering new handicraft techniques helps me create ideas for my collections.” With all that travel under her belt, Gul maintains that she still very much so has the travel bug, and when asked what the top destination on her bucket list is, asserts without hesitation, “Japan.” Gul adds, however, that she’ll never cease to draw stimulation and inspiration for her creative work as she lives and works in her vibrant hometown of Istanbul. And her love for the Mediterranean is reflected in her predominant use of light linen and cotton fabrics.

No matter what is trending in any given season, Gul remains true in her commitment to timeless elegance, a value that Enze proudly shares. When talking wardrobe essentials, Gul muses that her favorite outfit of all time is a “simple white linen shirt and linen high waisted pants in summer,” which speaks to her simultaneously practical and light aesthetic that fits in perfect harmony with the daily lives of contemporary women, and will never go out of style. 

Wide Collar Shirt Dress from Gul Hurgel Resort 2018 Collection at Enze Apparel

Wide Collar Shirt Dress from the Gul Hurgel Resort 2018 Collection

This latest Resort collection is exciting for Gul Hurgel fans in that she brings back some updated versions of past season favorites while also boasting a bold new look with florals and bright hues of reds, greens, and blues, which Gul says is based on “the idea of creating a collection for a garden party with lots of candles and flowers.” Gracefulness and refinement are accurate terms to describe her collection every season, each remaining timeless and yet surprising and new, with this season being no exception. When asked what she feels is the key to her ongoing and increasing success, she states that while playfulness is paramount in any art form, that you should always “stick to your signature.” Duly noted ;)

Ruffle Sleeve Dress from the Gul Hurgel Resort Collection at Enze Apparel

Ruffle Sleeve Shirt Dress from the Gul Hurgel Resort 2018 Collection

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